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Measuring 23.5 millimeters by 15.7 millimeters, the K200D’s large CCD image sensor boasts approximately 10.2 effective megapixels. When you make large-size prints from the images you have captured, you’re assured of beautiful, true-to-life images with rich gradation, sharp contrast, delicate out-of-focus backgrounds and lively colors. The CCD is also designed to bring out the optimum optical performance of all smc PENTAX interchangeable lenses. The K200D’s 14-bit A/D converter offers better processing capacity than conventional 12-bit converters with 4,096 gradations. It processes the analog signal transmitted by the large, high-performance CCD image sensor into digital data with 16,384 gradations, which is then sent to the PRIME imaging engine. The converter produces lively, fine-grained images with a delicate transition of tones. Built into the K200D is the high-performance PRIME (PENTAX Real Image Engine), which provides both exceptional image-processing speed and low power consumption, thanks to its advanced 90nm semiconductor technology. In addition, its DDR2 memory chip contributes to high-speed, 800MB-per-second data transmission. This means that PRIME can instantly process ransmitted data into high-quality, high-resolution images with fine, natural gradations and faithful color reproduction.

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